eco:racing makes the difference!

Welcome on the eco:RACING-TEAM's homepage!

Our name is our project. We want to do motorsports with environmental concepts. Environmental means to use economic and ecological racecars.

Our aim specially comes up with a responsible young driver and his sponsors, which are looking for an ecological platform of the fascination motorsports. Furthermore we give students the chance to use their knowledge in practice and gain experience in motorsports.

In 2008 we were the first racing-team in the "Deutsche Automobil Bergmeisterschaft" and the "Deutsche Rennslalom-Meisterschaft" ever, which started with the alternative fuel "biodiesel".
Our driver Valentin Hummel was with 17 years the youngest driver ever in the "Deutsche Automobil Bergmeisterschaft". With him we also won the DMV Yokohama GreenTec-Cup 2008. That is a championship with racingcars from all different disciplins that drive with alternative fuel.

For 2009 we initiated a change of regulation for sportscars at the DMSB. Sportscars are now allowed to drive with a turbodiesel-engine in group CN in the "Deutsche Rennsportwagen Bergmeisterschaft". Furthermore near-series cars are now allowed to drive with biodiesel in VLN (long distance races on the Nordschleife). Therefore we could realize our plans to drive a BMW 120d with biodiesel in the VLN, won 2 times in class and finished 3rd in the DMV-Yokohama GreenTec-Cup that year.

In 2010 we continued in the VLN with our BMW 120d Coupé with biodiesel and won 2 races in class. Also the plan to realize a CN-sportscar were continued. 

In 2011 we focused on a new challenge and participated in rally sports. The BMW 120d was reconstructed and the team started in the ADAC-Rally-Masters, where we won the championship in class and the Hessian Rally-Championship HRM, where we were vice-champion.

In 2012, our BMW 120d Coupe was used as a recce-car in the World-Rally-Championship as well as the No. 0-car at the Rally Germany.

In 2013 and 2014 we had a brake, caused by other projects.

We wish you a lot of fun by browsing our sites!